Social Media Agency Feature: White Rivers Digital


Who are we?

We are a start-up digital creative agency based out of Mumbai, exploring the endless possibilities in the digital space. We use the web as a canvas to express our creativity in the form of social content, graphics and applications.

We are here to help brands enhance their experience and customer engagement on the web. We understand brand’s objectives and infuse them into every aspect of their experience.

The result is a custom-crafted experience that uses the best and the most creative ways to convey their message with Style and Impact!

 What’s in the name?

Of course we wanted a fancy name to portray our zeal and passion but then it also had to have substance. Water reflects everything and rivers always have movement.

We wanted our name to reflect us and our culture. So we thought of taking rivers as an important element that would represent our organisation. White for us symbolizes purity and innovation.

Hence White Rivers Digital!

 What we do?

  •  Social Media Marketing
  • Online PR
  • Web Design & Development
  • Web Marketing SEO
  • SEM
  • Mobile Apps
  • Play games and binge on good food

Why we do it?

Being from the digital era, it’s something that comes naturally to us. It’s what we enjoy doing. The cool things that can be done on the web really amaze us. And we love to delight our clients with pleasant surprises, every possible time!

How we evolve?

Every day is a learning process for us. The domain being highly dynamic, it is highly essential for us to keep up with what’s happening around the globe.

What’s in today is out tomorrow. We are always creating something or the other trying to put sense in our crazy ideas.

Social responsibility in social media

Social responsibility is about being honest and ethical about the way things are. It’s being true to your brand and yourself.

Need of the hour

The need of the hour is for people to see social media beyond the ‘likes’ and follower count. In this age, everyone is a self proclaimed social media expert. Brands and agencies should understand that social media is not a commodity but an art.

People want instant gratification and want to see high numbers on their page; There are many agencies who take advantage of this and fool the brand.

Agencies like us should guide brands on doing things the right way.

We learned the hard way

It’s very important to be in sync with your client’s requirements. Otherwise even if you are doing a great job, there might be a disconnect between the agency and the brand.

Every day we are getting better & better, definitely trying to!

Did we just share that?

We have great fun working with all our clients. It really amuses us on how ignorant people are about social media and technology in general.

One client wanted us to make sure that when a person logged in to Facebook  his brands page automatically opened up on the screen. And he wasn’t ready to understand why this wasn’t possible.

They work with us

We are 3 months young in this game & and are working with quite a few esteemed clients who have trusted in our passion. And well, we try our best to deliver!

Industry as we foresee

Social Media in India is still at a very nascent stage and there is huge potential for growth in this space in the following years. More importantly, there is space for everyone to grow.

It’s a huge cake, which can suffice everyone’s expectations if explored in the right way! The most important thing for this industry is to keep evolving every single day. It is one of the most dynamic one!

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are always looking out for people who are enthusiastic about social media and technology.We are on a team expansion spree & would love to get in touch with people from with similar set of interests!

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