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MeDigit Solutions

Who are we?

MeDigit Solutions is a creative agency, specialising in Digital marketing. We are focused on data, facts and believe in delivering solutions which makes and sustains the impact once created.

In Gujarat, back in the year 2013, MeDigit Solutions was introduced by Tanmay Shanishchara. Who stemmed a vision of  establishing an ambidextrous creative platform, for the clients to leverage on the digital & creative modes of communication, and, talents brimming with creative energies.

Tanmay has studied PG Diploma in Communication Management & Entrepreneurship from MICA. Over the years of his work experience, spanning 9 years, he has worked with STAR, Network 18 & AC Nielsen – fabricating niche solutions for digital products & marketing initiatives & campaigns. MeDigit was born out of his passion for digital marketing & his entrepreneurial spirit – which led him to take the plunge in the less explored markets of Ahmedabad.

team medigit

Currently, MeDigit is one of the leading creative agencies in this space with team comprising versatile content writers, brand strategist, creative designers, social media geeks, data analysts, account managers and technological experts.

What’s in the name?

MeDigit has an interesting story behind its name. While studying at MICA, Tanmay had crafted this term for his incubation venture  project in 2008. MeDigit is a conjunction of two words – Media & Digital, illustrating everything under the digital media spectrum.

What we do?

MeDigit’s service portfolio comprises everything under the province of ‘digital marketing’. Our services are divided into 4 broad verticals:

Digital Marketing Services – Social media strategy & management, ORM, Online advertisements, Social media listening, SEO & web & mobile application development.

Creative Services – Creative & conceptual designs for print, outdoor & event promotions. We also provide video production services to our clients.

Brand Management Services – The niche set of services, including, brand identity design, digital PR and Wikipedia content creation services.

Content Services – Content strategy and content creation is what sets MeDigit solutions apart.  Our content editorial team, writes, publishes, blogs, manages, creates infographic and work on influencers marketing services for our clients.

Why we do it?

To create successful brand stories which can touch customers on the deepest personal level. Marketing for us is passion which is fueled by creativity. We strongly believe in the power of digital media, foreseeing, the long journey towards evolution and maturity.

How we evolve?

We read a lot, discuss a lot and above all, experiment a lot. Continuous innovation is our key to stay ahead of learning curve. We also keep a track of important news, technology, case studies & marketing innovations happening in the industry. Which helps us stay abreast of the trends.

Social responsibility in social media

Social responsibility starts with the word ‘social’ for a reason, and it’s the same for ‘social’ media. It’s about ‘collaborating’ & being more ‘connected’. Every brand & business has a moral debt to be compassionate for the world they’re a part of and subsequently do something to uplift the collective efforts of the people in it. Businesses can achieve this very easily by spreading positivity, providing a platform easily accessible, taking up a cause or by bringing people together for a  bigger cause.

Need of the hour

 Advertising, as an industry, is never in unison. Yes, we collaborate, but, we don’t brainstorm for the overall development of the Industry, support each other’s cause, or work towards establishing a Culture on macro level.

Also, Social networking is an individual responsibility. I think businesses, education institutes and government should teach social media practices to fulfill that responsibility. Major areas that need focus are: fake news, political propaganda, rumors and even anti national content. These things divide us as society and we must act on individual level to build good standards.

We learned the hard way

Like every business, we had our own set of challenges. For aspiring marketers & businesses, here are few words of wisdom:

  • On social media, don’t ‘target’ your customers. Instead, ‘treat’ them honestly. Make their interactions with your brand a ‘delight’.
  • Be honest, be transparent & own up to your limitations. Every brand does a mistake and if it causes pain to your customers, treat them with genuine responses. A negative feedback, if treated positively can increase your positive reach.
  • Social media is a collective effort from brand & agency both. Brands must participate & contribute in strategy discussions for social media. Brand’s better involvement always results in higher engagement.
  • Be fast, be trendsetter. Pick social media trends quickly and never miss an opportunity to connect with your audience.

Did we just share that?

[Let’s think about this one]

  • We know how clients are, finicky about changes, not-aware of their needs etc etc. Which we don’t blame them, for we are hired to fill the gap. So, we have had this client in the past who used to love our creative, but, to throw his weight and prove a point, used to suggest changes, we knew wouldn’t work well for the brand. Regardless of discussions and suggestions, he used get us to work on those changes, only to reject it himself in the end while nodding a yes for the first creative presented to him.
  • While the first one was a futile critique, we also have another client who ends up loving everything we do, approving every concept within seconds of delivery. More like, he plays a game with himself to approve creatives in the shortest time possible. And trust us on this, his speed has only increased since then.
  • We’ve worked on a lot of engagement content on social media, sometime which also offers exciting offers and hampers, outings etc etc. The fun part is how some section of the audience wish to impose themselves to win a hamper. They plead, write hate emails, blackmail emotionally and unpleasantly, criticize other entries etc etc.

They work with us

Here are a few of them:

Ramdev,, Lamex, Electrotherm, Upman Placements, Chartered Speed, Chartered Bike, Benchmark

Industry as we foresee

  • In the immediate future, we’ll see brands realising the importance of Integrated Communication Strategy for their brand, which takes into account all aspects of communication, online & offline. The more integrated marketing initiatives will be, the more fruit they’ll conclude. Half cooked pieces of SMM cakes, blogs, campaigns etc will be long trashed in the dustbin.
  • Digital spends will surely increase, however, the ways of utilising the budget will change. From blind shots of content, we’ll see a lot of time go in creating the content, which will also receive a better distribution model.
  • Nothing will blow up like the Influencer Marketing. The industry is moving in that direction, no content, without the help of influencers will hit the target.
  • AI and VR are already upon us.

Overview on the Indian Social Media industry in the coming years.

A day without Internet

We are so engrossed with internet & social media that a day without internet access will be like a forced exile. But we think we will sail through it by consuming some interesting books,  movies and talks.

Lastly, are you hiring?