Fiat has created a new campaign for its Linea Classic targeted towards people who upgrade from a hatchback car to a sedan. Let’s see how this campaign has come out.


Objective of the Feel Big campaign is to establish Linea Classic in the entry level sedan segment by telling the customers that the car is not a compromise sedan as others are. It’s a really big car.

Through this campaign the brand wants to convey that car is big while maintaining its premium brand image, and at the same time it wants to tell the customers that upgrading from a hatchback to sedan is a big step forward, and they deserve it. And this has been done by making the customers feel they are “the new superstar”.


To fulfill its objective, Fiat has created a website to host the interactive videos which the brand has created for the campaign. The campaign begins with a video of heard of paparazzi and journalists flocking around an unknown Superstar (who happens to be the viewer) to the new fiat car, and led to a sign-up form with a question whether the viewer wants to know the superstar.

Fiat Feel Big Capture

A user can connect with the campaign by using his or her Facebook account, or by sharing his name, photograph, email ID, mobile number, and location with the page, if he or she doesn’t own a Facebook profile or does not want to share it.

Fiat Feel Big Superstar

The user is then taken through a series of videos where the user’s photo (either Facebook’s profile picture or the one he or she has uploaded) is seen on the front page of a newspaper, billboards in the city, etc.

Fiat feel Big website


The “Feel Big” campaign has been nicely executed. It has succeeded in giving the viewer the recognition he or she needed.

The brand had realized this desire of begin recognized for owning a big sedan as a symbol of his or her success, and created a nice series of interactive videos around the idea successfully shrouding it with a veil made of question, “excited to know who the next superstar is?,” only to reveal to the viewer that “The Superstar is you!”.

Use of the Facebook’s profile picture (or any uploaded or chosen by the viewer) and POV camera angle to include the viewer in the video to make him or her feel big was a nice idea, and so was the option to share the custom video on the viewer’s Facebook or twitter profiles, or the ability to send to the friends through email. It has added the required social element to the campaign.

Scope for Improvement

The campaign has generated a good deal of interest, but I found it hard to locate any promotion about the campaign on the brand’ Facebook or twitter pages, which has limited the viral potential of the campaign. Another change that I’d recommend is removing the option of signing up without Facebook; instead, there should be an option to choose from other social sign-up options.


Feel Big campaign has succeeded in sending the message across. If we can look away from the fact that the total potential of the campaign was not realized, we can say that rest of things were fine with campaign.

And the closing line of “The Superstar is you’! has boosted the ego of viewers enough to encourage them to book a test drive, or share the video with friends on Facebook, twitter, or through email.

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