Social Media Agency Feature: Oktobuzz – A Digital Agency

Social Media Agency Feature Oktobuzz

Who are we?

Remember those college days when we used to get an Idea & instantly discuss it with our friends. We were so happy & excited to work together. We would just not stop until we found a solution to it & had fun while executing it together.

It is this kind of collaborative and simple style of working that OktoBuzz believes in & therefore we call ourselves ‘Your Digital Companion’. OktoBuzz in One Line:  “We create meaningful digital campaigns that work & train individuals & companies to do the same”


Know our Chief OktoMinds:

Hemal Majithia: The Digital Brain | Company & Culture Oriented| Strategist | Food Photographer | Apple FanBoy | Movie Buff | Researcher on Assurance Technology.

Neha Majithia: The Business Brain | Solution Oriented | Fun Officer| Believer in Law of Averages |Tea Addict | Loves Cooking | Travel buff| Someone who can do the same things in novel ways.

Get to Know OktoMinds:

People who join OktoBuzz are called OktoMinds, they are members of the OktoBuzz Community which stays connected & learns together. We put extra efforts & lay special emphasis on hiring them/giving them the membership. As for us, the Human Capital & our Culture is the most important thing.

Overall we are a company Driven by our culture & people to create Impact & are in Love with Creation.

What’s in the name?

‘OktoBuzz’ has several meanings to it, ‘OK-to-Buzz’, Eight times the Buzz, Infinity buzz { As okto means eight and horizontal eight is a symbol to denote infinity}. The one which actually resembles us is the word that rhymes the most with us, Octopus (where the name is been inspired from). Octopus is the most intelligent invertebrate in the world which has extreme problem solving capability and that is what we do, we come up with solutions for our customers to create Buzz. Also it has one big head and eight hands, which in OktoBuzz’s case is one big idea and more execution.

What we do?

We run meaningful digital campaigns which includes:

  •      Social Media Marketing
  •      Creative Website Designing
  •      Storytelling via Video & Audio content
  •      Augmented Reality
  •      Search Engine Marketing
  •      Mobile App Development
  •      Dedicated Book Marketing Cell & Blogger Campaigns

We Train Individuals, Groups and Companies by conducting workshops on digital media marketing like Jack of All Digital.

We Incubate Digital Media Companies.

Say you are a design or public relations company & your clients are so connected with you that they want you to create a website or start a social media campaign for them. Plus you too are thinking about starting a digital media wing but don’t know how to go about it.

That is where we come in and help you by training your team, setting systems & policies, we even handhold you while you are working with your clients, as our overall objective is not just to train you but to get you become Go Ready!

Why we do it?

As we are in LOVE with CREATION & we get a lot of opportunities to CREATE with OktoBuzz.

Also when we look back we want to see imprints of our campaigns in the digital world, we want to inspire creativity, make a difference & create wealth for us ;)

How we evolve?

Be Well Read | Plan to Deliver Wow | Keep Experimenting this is our mantra. We always want to Deliver WOW (one of our core values) for our clients every time and that is what makes us try new things & break out of our own ceiling.

Social responsibility in social media

For the Audience: We believe in the philosophy coined by Dr Ivan Misner, Father of Modern Networking that ‘Givers Gain’ & that’s what we try to do on Social Media. We try to give the best content, add value wherever possible & always try to think outside-in which helps us to help our audience and ourselves too.

For Clients: Our Policy here is to Educate & then Execute. At the same time we maintain high levels of transparency eg: we send them bills & direct reports of Facebook Ads & Google Ads & we also encourage our team to accept our mistakes proactively at times, in case we have gone wrong somewhere. In most of the cases, it works in our favour in the long run as then the client is assured of our transparency levels.

Need of the hour

To educate clients & help them formulate their objectives for every platform specifically. Remember ‘Specific is Terrific’.

We learned the hard way

That spending good time on understanding the Target group is very important, especially finding out that who can be the cult audience or who can be the first 1000 for this campaign, once that is identified and written, work becomes easier.

Did we just share that?

If we believe in a product, service or a brand we go all the way for it, to do justice to the campaign, without thinking of commercials at times.

We get so attached to the brand we are working on, that we had to include one more section in our billing invoice, i.e; “With Love from OktoBuzz”. So in this section we mention all the work which was done out of the agreed scope but was important at that particular time and we just did it for the love of brand as we wanted it to grow.

They work with us

Westland publications – India’s Leading Publisher.

F2 Fitness – Trainers of the World’s most Popular Les Mills Workouts.

HighGrounds Ltd – Listed Production & Infrastructure company.

Picture Thoughts Production – Makers of movies like Bhindi Bazaar inc & Gulzar Saab Presented Kya Dilli Kya Lahore.

IIM-A – The B School.

FunOkPlease – Popular Indian Content Creator for Children.

LFE [Live For Entertainment] – A Company that takes Indian Entertainment to the world.

AUS Holidays – The Holiday Home makers.

German Book House – Organisers of the Frankfurt Book Fair.

We have a dedicated book cell too that works with Various Authors in India & Beyond.

Industry as we foresee

Video Content will be on an unbelievable rise. [Internet is getting affordable, Smartphones are in the hand of the Rural Audience now, Imagine what are they going to do with the Internet besides playing games and using Whatsapp,  getting used to Facebook and Twitter will take time, Youtube is something they will be able to really use easily & that’s where the rise for video content will be seen.]

More Campaigns on Instant Messaging platforms in the coming days.

Overconsumption of Data will lead to acceptability of Newer Content Discovery Platforms.

Newer Technology like Augmented Reality & NFC [Near Field Communication] will play a major role while giving offline social experiences to consumers.

A day without Internet

Will make us explore an interesting food joint or experiment a recipe or two at office & post that  we will start a movie marathon, as most of the OktoMinds are food & movie buffs.

At the same time if we have to work, we will get back to our drawing boards with a piece of paper and pen.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are looking for UX & UI Designers, Digital Media Managers & Copy Writers.