Vodafone Data Strong Network encourages you to #MakeMostOfNow

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After more than a handful of decades together for an enthralling journey full of ups and downs, an elderly couple #MakeMostOfNow, as they embark on a second honeymoon to Goa, accompanied by a trusted companion, Vodafone Data Strong Network.

#MakeMostOfNow dishes out the story of this elderly couple, set against the backdrop of Goa, showcasing Vodafone Data Strong Network quality and the host of services that their Data Strong Network brings along such as Navigation, Video Calls et al!

Vodafone’s Data Strong Network rescues the elderly couple whilst navigating to the ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ Fort, or at the railway station to identify their driver; these are the scripts that #MakeMostOfNow follows.

Vodafone has rolled out three videos for their #MakeMostOfNow campaign yet, and the campaign has gathered some positive feedback and numbers on social media.

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