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Lifestyle Influencer Awards 2017

The Lifestyle Influencer Awards 2017 now moves on to the next phase with more than 300+ nominations across 4 categories – Food, Decor, Lifestyle, and Beauty – and multiple sub-categories. Our audiences have cast their votes for their favourite social media bloggers and influencers, and we now have access to some of the biggest and most influential names in the industry.

These shortlisted names and the product of their hard work will be judged by our panel of respected jury members, comprising of Adarsh Gill, Vidya Tikari, Anaggh Desai, Sabyasachi Gorai, Raseel Gujral Ansal, and Maria Goretti.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the lucky nominees who have made it to the shortlist.

The Lifestyle category includes four sub categories: Social Media Influencer, Best Lifestyle Blogger, Best Fitness Blogger and Best Wellness Blogger.

Under the sub category of Social Media Influencer, Rohina Anand Khira, Yash Shah, Kalyan Karmakar, Avantika Chitlangia, and Hrish Thota have garnered maximum votes from their followers.

For Best Lifestyle Bloggers, Nivedith Gajapathy, Rahul Prabhakar, Nikhil Chawla, Rohina Anand Khira and Khushboo Motiar received most votes.

Under the Best Fitness Blogger sub category, Radhika Bose, Anupriya Kapur, and Ryan Pereira have been selected to move to the next round.

The Best Wellness Blogger sub category includes Supriya Himanshu, Vidushi Singhania, Radhika Bose, Anupriya Kapur, and Ryan Pereira.

Our next major category, Food, includes the sub categories of Best Desserts Blogger, Best Food V-logger, Best Indian Food Blogger and Best Original Recipe Blogger.

Under the Best Desserts Blogger sub category, Shruti Agrawal, Sanah Vohra, Sai Haripriya, Winola Peris, and Shivesh Bhatia are the shortlisted names.

Pujneet Singh, Rajiv Sharma and Richa Gupta have been nominated under the Best Food V-logger sub category, to go through to the next round.

The Best Indian Food Blogger sub category has five nominees: Sameer and Parimita Nagori, Ritika Bela, Kalyan Karmakar, Swarali Bhaskar, and Gurpreet Singh Tikku.

Under the Best Original Recipe Blogger sub category, Chef Reetu Uday Kugaji, Uma Raghuraman, Rakshita Dwivedi, Nandita Iyer, and Kirthana Kumar are the shortlisted names.

Next, the four sub categories under Beauty are: Best Beauty Blogger, Best DIY Beauty Blogger, Best Luxury Beauty Blogger, and Best Makeup Blogger.

The shortlisted names for the Best Beauty Blogger sub category comprises of Shivani Aggarwal, Karishma Govil, Shambhavi Mishra and Shalini Srivastava.

The Best DIY Beauty Blogger sub category includes Urvashi Kumar, Samiksha Jain, and Srishti Wadhwa.

Under the Best Luxury Beauty Blogger sub category, Bhumika Thakkar, Pout Pretty, Ritu Rajput and Nandini Swaminathan have been selected to go through to the next round.

The shortlisted names for the Best Makeup Blogger are Leenata Kasawlekar, Devanshi Chandan, Bhumika Thakkar, Shalini Srivastava and Dhriti Bhanushali.

Lastly, the four sub categories under Decor are: Best Design Inspiration Blogger, Best Ethnic Blogger, Best Craft and DIY Blogger, and Best Gardening Blogger.

Under the Best Design Inspiration Blogger sub category, Rukmini Ray Kadam, Hemal Paliwal, Rohina Anand Khira, Ritika Chokhany, and Preeti Prabhu have received the most votes.

The Best Ethnic Blogger sub category comprises of Preeti Prabhu, Sangitha Anand, and Anu as the final nominees.

Rukmini Ray Kadam, Rohina Anand Khira, Salma Sheriff, Rittika Chokhany, and Preeti Prabhu make it to the Best Craft and DIY Blogger sub category.

And, finally, the Best Gardening Blogger sub category comprises of Siddhant Bhalinge, Sanghamitra Bhattacharya, and Sangitha Anand as the selected names.

These are the final shortlisted nominees for The Lifestyle Influencer Awards 2017, one of digital and social media industry’s most prestigious events, in its maiden edition. Stay tuned in for more updates.

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