#Testing Instagram to launch Snapchat’s QR code style nametags


Instagram is on the spree to add more features to the platform to make picture sharing and self-profiling more engaging. One such feature that is rumored to be out soon is nametags.

Instagram recently introduced hashtag and profile links in bio, making self – expression on the platform more creative and discoverable. Now when we add # or @ in the bio, they are live links that take you to that particular hashtag or profile.

Along with this update, according to Techcrunch’s article, Instagram may soon launch Snapchat’s QR code style ‘nametags’

As per the files buried in the Android app’s file “nametag scan” images hint that the feature might just allow users to aim their phone cameras at a visual code to open another profile.

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Image Source – Ishan Agarwal

Speculations say that the users might be able to add stickers/selfies to their nametags.

Image Source – Killer Features

The feature will help a lot of Celebrities and Influencers to promote themselves on other mediums both online and offline.

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