Philips World Breastfeeding Day initiative ft Priya Malik takes a heart-rendering approach

Philips World Breastfeeding Day campaign

Priya Malik shows the real side of Motherhood with Philips World’s Breastfeeding Day campaign.

What do you think is it like to be a mother? Liberating? Peaceful? Fulfilling? While motherhood is definitely a joy that can’t be explained, it is also an exhausting journey that demands sacrifices and adjustments that a mother alone can’t do.

This World Breastfeeding Day, Philips pays a tribute to the heart-warming journey of Motherhood with a pure narrative that captures every emotion felt by a mother in this challenging yet gratifying journey. New mothers often suffer postpartum symptoms, the discomfort of breast-feeding, guilt of not given them enough care and attention, and a range of emotions that would be hard to comprehend. This phase of a mother’s life is completely joyous only with the support and understanding of their loved ones.

Featuring prominent Spill Poetry artist, Priya Malik, the campaign shares an untainted version of motherhood. Peeping into the refreshing reality of being a mother, Malik beautifully sheds light on how her own mother managed everything from cooking to nurturing her, all without any help and support. She touches on raw aspects of motherhood such as so many outfits that are rendered ruined with excess milk from breasts and the usual hesitation fathers show in contributing towards changing diapers and waking up in the middle of the night.

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Philips takes a fresh and bold attempt towards creating awareness around the love and support mothers need in their motherhood journey, especially during the breastfeeding days. Introducing Philips Avent, the brand urges viewers to direct breastfeeding mothers towards products and facilities that proffer them with the support, convenience