Tripoto chronicles #SheherSheherKiBaat

Tripoto World Tourism Day campaign

Tripoto World Tourism Day campaign weaved #SheherSheherKiBaat celebrating the lively spirit of the cities of India.

In today’s day and age, while we are traveling most of us usually think about the pictures that we will put on Instagram and Stories to upload. In between, we forget the joys associated with travelling. Tripoto World Tourism Day campaign celebrated the perks of habituating in one of the seven most loved cities of India including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Darjeeling, Varanasi, and Kerala.

With a quest to celebrate India, and its magnetic mosaic of colors and contrasts, one poem a day, the series titled #SheherSheherKiBaat is exclusively rolled out on Tripoto Community’s Instagram handle.

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On the conceptualization of the short video series, a Tripoto spokesperson shared with Social Samosa that someone in their design team had written a single poem about Varanasi and Tripoto had put it out as a text on image creative at first. But it didn’t evoke the kind of emotion that the brand aimed at.

“Then we decided on the design and nostalgia of the cassette played a part in it. The kind of emotion that it generates when spoken is very different while reading it. So, the idea was to use the cassette supported by a strong voice-over. Hence with that, we thought about doing stories on seven cities a week before World Tourism Day,” the spokesperson shared.

Going back to the days before the Internet – we first heard about strange towns and travel stories on radio, through newspapers or the newest Bollywood song. Sheher Sheher Ki Baat was an attempt to transport us back to that era.

In the age of scrolling and clicking, the idea was to invoke nostalgia through the cassette, urge people to slow down and remind them of the smaller joys of travel. Be it the festive energy in India’s gullies come October, the distant echo of the aarti at the ghats or the kind stranger that offered you a cup of chai on a rainy day.  

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On the week leading up to #WorldTourismDay, Tripoto launched the series kicking it off with ‘Dastan-e –Mumbai’ – the city of dreams. The social travel platform also asked the viewers to write in comments on how the city makes you feel.

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