Snapchat adds Swipe Up to Call ad format

Snapchat Swipe Up

Swipe Up to Call, a Snapchat ad format designed and built for the Middle East region has been rolled out.

The Snapchat Swipe Up to Call feature is derived from native consumer behavior. The insight that consumers in the Middle East region still tend to call family & friends and even businesses of all sizes.

Swipe Up To call can be used with Single Image or Video ads.

How to create a ‘Swipe Up to Call’ campaign

  • Open Instant Create in Ads Manager
  • Set ‘Calls & Texts’ as your advertising goal and pick ‘Call My Business’ or ‘Text My Business’
  • Select a saved phone number and if you input a new one, you will need to verify it
  • Design and upload your ad

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Best Practices

  • You don’t need to include a phone number in your creative
  • A creative of 6 seconds or less is advisable
  • Mention who the user is calling in the creative (product expert, sales associate, customer service, etc.)

Swipe Up to Call turns potential consumers’ interest in a two-way street. Rather than the consumer checking out the website, you can direct them to a sales associate who can convert and actuate a purchase.

New businesses can increase their reach and potential prospects, services can create a pipeline of appointments, Businesses of all sizes can increase their database and also get an understanding of what consumers are looking for through them and work on areas that require improvement.

As the ad format is designed for regions where consumers prefer calling, the platform might launch it in more countries with similar behavior.

If you’re an advertiser in the Middle East, you can get started with Swipe Up to Call today in Ads Manager