Women Safety Campaigns attempting to break free of rape culture

Women Safety Campaigns

Women Safety Campaigns highlight the issues the gender faces and the concerns and terrors of rape culture.

Advertisements are often inspired by and revolve around everyday happenings and issues, one such issue is rape culture – a threat that Women Safety Campaigns have attempted to demote time and again.

In India, five cases of rape are reported every hour, one case of stalking is reported every hour, and three cases of sexual harassment are reported every hour. Although according to govt data 99% cases of sexual assaults go unreported. In 2018, India was rated as the most dangerous country for women.

While advertising has often been blamed to promote rape culture with sexually suggestive ads, there lie a few campaigns that demote it.

Eve-teasing is something that most of these campaigns target. As eve-teasing lies in the roots of rape culture and still exists, disrating it through campaigns helps raise awareness.

An early example of this concept was seen in Coca Cola’s campaign with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan confronting a teaser and teaching him a lesson through a bottle of Coke.

More campaigns such as ‘Haath Tha, Fisal Gaya’ by Aaj Tak, and ‘Dekh Le Tu Dekhte Hue Kaisa Dikhta Hai’ by Whistling Woods further downgrade, teasing, public voyeurism and more of such core issues.

Not being able to cultivate in a safe environment, always being concerned about the time & place and not having the freedom to drive plans – such issues too have found a voice in campaigns. Make Your City Safe by Volvo Auto India, #AbRukeinKyun by Vodafone that promotes Sakhi – a feature developed to aid women’s safety and more attempt to lead by example.

More women safety campaigns contribute to influencing a better culture.

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Dekh Le Tu Dekhte Hue Kaisa Dikhta Hai – Whistling Woods

Going Home – VOGUE India

Make Your City Safe – Volvo Auto India

#StartWithTheBoys -VOGUE India

Sakhi – Vodafone India

Thanda Seeti – Coca Cola

#GoSafeOutside – Hamam India

Haath Tha, Fisal Gaya – Aaj Tak

Rape: It’s Your Fault – AIB

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