Canon Campaigns that captured the delight of memories

Canon Campaigns

Canon Campaigns that captured creativity, beheld unique stories in a frame, and are dedicated to harmonious welfare.

Canon Campaigns are rooted in the brand’s corporate philosophy – Kyosei. A loose but precise definition of this word would be ‘Living and working together for the common good’.

A substantial chunk of the Japanese optical products company’s campaigns is the use of photography and imaging for the greater good of people or the world. In the age where fake news is more viral than a virus, images are often used with an unrelated context, ideally to push political propaganda.

Canon launched an initiative to wipe this stigma with the ‘Truthmark’, a website that can reverse search an image, and the uploader can know the real story behind the image, narrated by the photographer. In the campaign created by Uncle Grey (Copenhagen), photographers such as Ivor Pickett convey how their images were widely shared out of context with an ulterior motive, without their permission.

Reviews & Images are the two deciders that can make or break any business, of which images are an internal factor that businesses can use to their advantage, but often local businesses fall short of production resources and professional photographers.

Canon Nordic & Uncle Grey (Copenhagen) solved this problem by running a campaign in collaboration with Canon photographers, to help local businesses. The campaign grew stronger as more & more Canon users participated and came to aid that not only helped the businesses but also ended up changing the Google algorithm.

#ShiftYourFocus by Canon India attempted to divert the attention from the trending challenges on social media to real-life challenges around us. Photographs are often referred to as a memory kept, ‘Uma Visita Inesquecível’ created by Dentsu Brazil captures a Christmas memory a few kids would keep forever.

As a tool for a creative trade, Canon also weaves narratives around creative greatness that often overlap with the portrayal of the caliber of their products. Limitations are the birth of creativity, they said it, and ‘Evolution’ created by Leo Burnett Australia represents it, backed by more campaigns such as ’24 Hours To Legendary’.

Perfect Moments, created by Grey (NY) and Canon USA with the production house Big Block, and directed by Jonathan Zames, depicts a domino effect and series of stills that the right camera can get.

More campaigns that saw impossible and delighted us always.

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Perfect Moments – Canon USA

Evolution – Canon Australia

Uma Visita Inesquecível (An Unforgettable Visit) – Canon Brasil

Local Businesses Never Looked So Good – Canon Nordic

TruthMark – Canon Nordic

Boundaries – Canon USA

24 Hours To Legendary

#ShiftYourFocus – Canon India

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