ebook: Selling Without Spending – Social Media Handbook For Sales & Marketing Professionals [Free Download]


Lead Generation was never so easy. Sales people can never run out of leads in the Social Media era.

– Bhupendra Khanal, CEO Simplify360

We live in the era of Social Media – The biggest ever revolution in terms of reach and exposure. You are just a few clicks away from connecting to the right person in the target company. Yet, you might not be aware of such possibilities. You may be launching email campaigns and banner ads, and hoping that the mass emails or banners are read and the target becomes interested in you. But all this while, you might not be optimizing your actions through social intelligence.

Here are four reasons why Social Media presents an opportunity for Sales and Marketing Professionals like never before:

  • Your customers are on Social Media
  • Your potential customers are on Social Media
  • Their profiles are open and reachable (mostly)
  • They are on Social Media to talk and listen.

The eBook addresses the fundamental principles behind marketing and selling on Social Media. The chapters are designed to address the most popular social networking sites. Each chapter has tips and tricks on ways to connect with the right prospects. In the end, you will find some basic hands-on case studies.

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