Report: MTV Viacom 18, Hungama Digital and Pinstorm are the Top Three Agencies that Attract Talent [Free Download]


Today when the talent pool is fast shrinking, the “war for right talent” has taken a whole new meaning. And more so when you’re dealing with the Digital Media sector! Digital media is the new ‘it’ sector what with the internet and various social media platforms making waves. But it is also one of the most prone to attrition since the employees are required to work on social media, giving them an opportunity to get swayed by branding initiatives taken by rival companies.

Startum HR, a niche HR consultancy, conducted a research where it tried to find which Digital Media company is the preferred choice as an employer.

Research Methodology

Stratum HR reached out via Digital Medium and received responses from more than 1500+ candidates.It also reached out to more than 300 employees individually. In the end, a little less than 100 companies were voted by the respondents.


Of the total respondents, 68% were male while 32% were female. And almost half of them voted for the top 3 companies – MTV Viacom 18, Hungama Digital Pvt Ltd and Pinstorm.

To find out the top 10 most preferred companies and for a detailed breakdown of the entire research, download the Employer Branding report from Stratum HR.

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