Don't Say It Memes

The latest meme trend is here and we’re sure you already know about it; yes these are the Don’t Say It memes. I don’t know where they started from, but they sure caught on quick and people are posting hilarious stuff!

Honestly, I relate a lot to these Don’t Say It Memes because they perfectly describe my social anxiety and how I embarrass myself every day! These memes usually describe how we fall prey to awkward moments even though we can avoid them. Sums up my life, to be honest.

Here are some of the best that we found:

1. My heart: Let’s just waste the next 6 months now, shall we?

2. Nah, they just gave me a discount for the patches they didn’t put.

3. Every damn time!

4. *me after 10 shots* IT’S TIME TO PARTAYY!

5. Orange juice? Sure, I’ll have that.

6. And you didn’t think to share it with me? Wow.

7. I just duck my head down and pretend I didn’t see them.

8. Why? Why is there a need to fill silences with awkward questions in humans?

9. Where did you study? The Himalayas?

10. *2nd message* Do you still love me? No? Coz I do!

11. Also, guys need to stop with hasee to phasee like asap!

12. Pencil? Teri shaadi cancel!

Said it anyway, huh? So did I. Every time. Us humans have a tendency to make things uncomfortable, it’s kind of second nature.

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