Shane, the father of a 10 year old girl named Sophie who has autism spectrum disorder cheered her up in the cutest way possible.

People all around the world are gradually understanding that mere text book knowledge and a restricted education system does not define a person’s intelligence. But even after all the debates and realizations, there are little to no changes that are brought into the education industry.

Nevertheless, fathers like Shane Jackson of Tasmania, give us hope that parents are being more receptive towards the idea. Shane is the father of a 10 year old girl named Sophie who has autism spectrum disorder.

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Sophie is a very creative and bright girl. However, she got straight Ds in her report card, due to her condition. She was distraught by this and thought she had let everyone down. But being the amazing father that he is, Shane found a way to cheer his little one up. He created a new report card where all the things that really mattered were listed and Sophie passed with flying colors.

Have a look!

This gesture sure received a lot of love and appreciation from around the globe.

Also, Sophie was so happy by this that she returned the gesture by making a report card for her dad and it is truly heart-melting.

In today’s world, where all we hear about is negative things taking over us,people like Shane and Sophie give us hope and inspiration to be better version of ourselves.