Thursday evening came as a shock to the students of SRM University. A staff member masturbated in a hostel lift in front of a second-year undergraduate female student. If you think the worst part is over, you’re in for more.

The girl raised an alarm and demanded to watch the CCTV footage, but the warden delayed her complaint by over two hours before complying to it. The student identified the man, but was asked to stay quiet and keep this under the wraps by the hostel management. Yes, it seems their spot free reputation was more important than the harassment that the student just faced.

The students of SRM University demonstrated a protest on Thursday night against this horrific act. According to the university the accused ran away after the uproar. Although the University claims they’re doing all they can to ensure more security and to take strict actions against the offender, the students have a different story to tell.

According to the students, the director has maintained that –be ready to gasp – that these things happen because the girl was a North Indian studying in a South Indian college, and (yes, it’s not over yet) that since the girls smoke and drink they have no right to argue about their safety with the management. Shocker? Not really, to be honest.

Here’s a picture of the culprit:

To add to all of it, the police have said that no complaints have been registered yet. The University should be taking “stricter” steps than this, if for nothing else then for their own sake because this incident is becoming viral as #SRMDOWNDOWN.