Kalyan Karmakar

As I do more often than not, scrolling through Instagram, I find myself arriving at @thefinelychopped, where Kalyan Karmakar builds a repertoire that makes me envy him, every single day!

Author, Columnist, Food Blogger, but most of all a hungry soul and the eater of everything. Kalyan Karmakar is just like us about many things, but there is one thing that he has, better than anything you and I do. A mind numbingly colourful, excruciatingly hunger inducing and cruelly delicious looking Instagram feed that, as I write this on a hungry stomach, makes me want to order everything and eat it too.

There are tons of food blogs and bloggers out there, but the one distinction that makes @thefinelychopped stand out is Kalyan Karmakar and his presentation and true love for food. Just as it would look in your plate, at home, within your reach, and not on a “gourmet platter” that you may have never experienced. These are 20 of the most tantalizing, and hard to cherry pick images from @thefinelychopped!

1. The simplest and the most satisfying meal there is. 

Kalyan Karmakar

2. I mean just look at those noodles Kalyan Karmakar

3. Sushi lovers, how does this look?

Kalyan Karmakar

4. The texture of the roti and the gravy, and the colours are making me want to cry!Kalyan Karmakar

5. Singaporean Laksa looks incredible

Kalyan Karmakar

6. My sweet tooth just developed a major ache for Gulab JamunKalyan Karmakar

7. I seafood like this, I eat it. Kalyan Karmakar

8. The love for cutting chai is burned into the hearts of every MumbaikarKalyan Karmakar

9. Chicken curry, some pulao and onion tomato salad. Fulfilling! Kalyan Karmakar

10. Bun/Brun Maska and Chai is every Sunday of my childhoodKalyan Karmakar

11. The breakfasts I began to adore when I grew up. I still revert back to my bun maska and chai days every now and then, but look at those waffles, capuccino and fruit platter. Amazing! The dollop of whipped cream is just ohhh….Kalyan Karmakar

12. Since we have discussed childhood and adulthood, here is the biggest part of my college days. The best chakna ever. Period. Kalyan Karmakar

13. Dosa and chicken curry. Utter bliss. I personally favour the Neer Dosa but this looks too delicious to pass up. 
Kalyan Karmakar

14. I don’t even need to say anything. It’s Jalebi <3
Kalyan Karmakar

15. And this kulfi that makes me want to bite into it, completely ignoring the prospect of brainfreeze and toothache!

Kalyan Karmakar

16. Makes me wish it was breakfast time. 
Kalyan Karmakar

17. Things were seeming just a little incomplete without CHAT! Kalyan Karmakar

18. There is never enugh chicken curry and rice. Never!
Kalyan Karmakar

19. Haji Tikka, major part of my childhood stories about food. Kalyan Karmakar

20. The authenticity is too damn high
Kalyan Karmakar

So, I’m just going to gobble the table lot of food that I ordered, hope you’re planning to do the same.