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With all the festivities concluding in October, November turned out to be apt month for some leisure travel. The right climate – not too cold, not too hot; easier to get leaves from office in a rather drab month; and not exactly the tourist season which makes everything so expensive. November, 2017 turned out be every traveller’s dream and made for some incredible clicks.

We crawled through Instagram in search of the best travel moments by our social travellers and we weren’t disappointed! Right from the majestic snow clad peaks of Ladakh and Shimla, and twisting roads of Dehradun to the colourful plains of Rajasthan, social travellers have been covering the length and breadth of India, leaving behind a trail of picture perfect moments.

Wayanad India


The clouds have come home! Scenes from a vantage point somewhere in Wayanad. Currently staying in a lovely little place surrounded by tea gardens on one side, a coffee estate on the other, banana plantations on one corner and spice plantations on the remaining area. Amazed with the shade of green in this region. Would love it more if it rains ? #travelgram #Kerala #streetphotographyindia #Wayanad #clouds #nothingisordinary #indiaclicks #indiapictures #natgeotravellerindia #lonelyplanetindia #thephotosociety #passionpassport #travelphotography #worldbestgram #igersoftheday #photojournalism #mypixeldiary #nature #greenery #travelblogger #roadtrip #bbctravel #travellingdiaries #myindiacnn #ig_worldclub #iphoneonly #travellingdiaries #huffpostgram #incredibleindia #landscape

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Exploring Dehradun with Google Pixel 2 XL and also realising that a part of this city is like a mini-Pondicherry in Northern India. (Slide right for all the pictures) . . . Today I had to spend half a day in Dehradun, and I did so with myself by walking around Dehradun without any aim or purpose. And this gave me all the time and space to observe how beautiful this city is, and how it deserves way more love and attention that it receives from photographers and storytellers. I felt like I was lost in some old Ruskin Bond novel, walking through different eras, different colours, different shapes and faces, but it was all the more fun, because to roam around in a place, where you can be anything or take any name for the strangers, where you can be immersed in your own thoughts and learn the ways of a new city, a day like this only helps you come closer to yourself, and to the world around you. Here’s to a day of exploration in Dehradun. . . . Also tell me which one is your favourite picture, I’d love to know. . . . . . #teampixel #pixel2xl #googlepixel #dehradun #sodoon #instauttarakhand #uttarakhand #architecture #colours #madebygoogle #indiapictures #natgeo #lonelyplanet #lonelyplanetindia #natgeotravel #mypixeldiary #ifoundawesome #huffpostgram

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The colorful Rajasthan suddenly goes white for miles, so white that it hurts the eyes. As you move closer your eyes get some relief from the blinding white surface as you start noticing some workers moving around on the salt pans in their colorful attire. Once the Roman Soldiers were paid in salt crystal leading to the word – Salary. Gabbar had a team that sweared ” Sardan Hamney Apka Namak Khaya Hai’ & Big B once crooned “Samandar Main Naha Kar Or bhee Namkeen Ho gayee ho” to a very wet Jeenat Aman. Well I can go on and on and on about Salt. But let us talk about this Salt train that transport salt from Sambhar lake to the factory for processing the salt. Sambhar Lake finds mention even in Mahabharata & is believed to be producing salt for 100s of years. That is a LOT of salt I am telling you. I am going again to Sambhar lake with @travelure for a mentored travel photography tour organized by @darterphoto. Let us see what we click this time.As they say in Rajasthan…. Na Janey Kya Dikh Jayey ☺ ===================================================================== . . . . . . . #Rajasthan #IncredibleIndia #Salt #SambharLake #everydayIndia #train #saltpans #_soi #cntgiveitashot #bbctravel #desi_diaries #isbtravelers #_coi #indianphotographers #travelbloggers #landscape #IndianRailways #desiTraveler #NikonAsia #Travelphotography #india_everyday #India_clicks #storiesofIndia

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Karnataka, Kodi Beach

Jama Masjid, Delhi






It might sound surprising, but Dehradun simply stole my heart. Oh, what would I give to spend a few days in a calm city at the foothills of Mussoorie!

Did you manage to take a trip? Or stumble upon a travel moment worth sharing? Share your travel moments with us on and get featured.

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