The Desi Traveler shares inside scoop from his trips and experiences

The Desi Traveler

Answering all your questions with his experience and passion for travel is Prasad NP of the Desi Traveler. Prasad shares his best and scariest travel memories

I don’t want to travel – said no person ever! Each one of us wishes to scale the highest mountains and swim the deepest oceans. But, where to start? Where do we find the inspiration and the right information?

Answering all your questions with his experience and passion for travel is Prasad NP of the Desi Traveler. Prasad shares his best and scariest travel memories, the challenges he faces as a travel blogger, with some amazing tips for passionate travellers strapping up for new excursions.

What is your favorite travel memory?

My favorite travel memory is from Arborek Village, tiny island in Western Papur Indonesia, may be about 150 residents. As I was talking to the kids there one of them in his stammering English asked me where I am from. I told him I am from India. This made him happy, he said, he has a friend in India his name is Rajesh, and said you must know Rajesh as he is also from India. For this kid from the tropical Island of Arborek, the world meant a hamlet of 150 residents, and I did not have the heart to tell him that India has 1.2 billion people.

5 things you can’t travel without?

My camera even if it is my cell phone camera, some snacks to munch, a good book to read that I want to read again slowly, a sturdy polythene bag to protect my gear in case it rains and lots of smiles, you will be amazed how far a good smile can take you in a foreign land.

Your favorite travel picture?

Ah, one of the toughest questions one can answer. Like a wise master once said ” I am yet to take my favorite picture), but here you go


This was a lucky shot clicked from inside a moving bus but the vibes of the moment are hard to replicate in a framed shot.

What are the top 3 photography challenges while travelling?

I am still kind of shy to click strangers and take my own sweet time to point a camera to somebody, unless I get some kind of tactical nod even if it is a brief eye contact with me pointing towards the camera. Also, I am yet to develop a patience for good wildlife nature shots, which require zen like patience; so I am practicing in our apartment complex with the birds in backyard project. I think wildlife photography is one of the toughest disciplines to master as you have almost nothing in your control and yet when the split second movement arrives you have to act with lightning fast speed to can the shot. 3

Weather! I so wish one could get the weather one wants when one travels to get those perfect candy floss clouds punctuating the azure skies. Even after reading all the weather forecasts so many trips gets washed out due to sudden change in weather and you never know when you will get a chance to visit the place again.

Do you have a good travel tip you would like to share with us?

Research Research Research! Research about local festivals, customs, some small cafe that nobody knows about, some art exhibition that you will never see in your town. This way even if you go to a very touristy destination besides sightseeing you will also gain great experiences that you will cherish for a long time to come. Like when I was in Kerala and went to Kochi Biennalee.

Islands or mountains?

Islands with mountains 🙂

Top 3 hot destinations right now?

North East India (We don’t even know what we don’t know about the 7 sisters), Raja Ampat in Indonesia & Central Asia – go there before the prices and tourists catch up

3 travelers you know of and recommend us to follow?

I would say Arun Bhat in India, Fabio Nodari from Italy & Htoo Ko Ko from Myanmar, he is a doctor and yet finds time to travel.

Can you tell us about your scariest travel story?

I once had a flight from Amsterdam to India via Paris. But when I finished my trip with only 24 hour left on my visa, and reached Amsterdam airport they told me that the flight is full (airlines normally overbook ) and I cannot board the plane. It was a very dicey situation for me as my visa was expiring in a day and I would suddenly become an illegal in Europe with no fault of mine. I finally was able to speak to a senior person in airline and told them to give me in writing that I cannot board the plane as they have overbooked. I am not sure what worked my pleas or my threats but something happened and suddenly there was seat in the plane and I went to Paris and took my connecting flight to Delhi.

Where do you find inspiration to visit any destination?

Well I guess you don’t find the destination the destination finds you. If you have the journey in you the destination will reveal itself.

A writer by Karma, grammar Nazi by heart and traveler by hope, Saloni loves to pen about anything under the sun. With three years of journalism experience under her kitty, Saloni has tried hands on various beats including – Social Media, e-commerce, Mobile, Indian radio, Advertising, Food and Travel. Writing for various national and international publications has given Saloni an understanding of the science of social media.

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