Your favourite travel bloggers share their favourite winter holiday destinations!

winter holiday destinations

When travel bloggers tell you these winter holiday destinations are awesome, they really must be!

Waking up to the fragrance of brewing coffee or ground condiments for your tea, engulfed in a blanket of chill, with luscious fog greeting your eyes. Be it snow caped peaks or freezing sand near shimmering lakes – winters add a touch of beauty to everything. 

With December arrives the low temperatures, the socks, hats, and coats. The season to indulge in hot coco and melting cheese, without any guilt. The one thing that can perfect, this simply adorable weather – a trip.

A tread across the length and breadth of the desired roads and oceans. No sun stroke, no sweaty walks – just the calm of winter and you. And if you’re concerns are where and what, fear not, because we bring to you, suggestions from some of the best travel bloggers; people who spend their days trudging and exploring new paths.

The Great Indian Desert

Ayandrali Dutta of Wanderlust Craving shares that winters are the best to travel and she discovered this on a chilly trip to Thar Desert.

“The land of Royals and Rajputana never fails to enchant me. It was no mundane vacation as I was going to spend the night under the stars. Camel drivers, dusty roads and women in Gungghat (veil to cover face) passed us as we drove closer to rural life.

Cold and chilled December evening, open sky, with a blanket of stars over your head – I leave it for you to imagine. We dumped our bags on the camels and we reached the dunes by early evening. The vast stretch of empty and barren landscapes was all one could see and at the backdrop of the setting sun the bright yellow dunes looked like heaps of gold. The hot aanch of the chulha (wood fire) kind of made the setting perfectly romantic.


I walked along I felt my footprints was disturbing this virgin sand and the full moon added to the glory of the night. Listening to stories from fellow travellers and soaking in that moment was nothing less than definite pleasure. As I slipped inside my sleeping bag I could just crave for more and more glance of those little sparklers in the sky and wish the night had few more hours than usual. It was like my fast-paced life took a halt and all I knew was I have to capture this feeling in my senses for days to come.”


Winters in Sweden, especially Christmas, says Nidhi Joshi of Coins and Maps.

“I am talking about the St.Lucia festival that takes place on 13th December which is a 400-year-old tradition that is celebrated with church concerts and processions.  During this festival thousands of young girls are dressed as Lucia’s maidens (Lucia was a young girl who is believed to have been sacrificed for her faith in 304) in flowy white gowns holding candles and wearing a wreath of glowing candles in her hair.”

Rajasthan, yet again!

For the love of food, forts, and shopping, the royal Rajasthan in winter is everything a traveller asks for opines Naina Madan of A Red Bag of Stories.

“With temperature dipping and winter sun shining, the magical state of Rajasthan deserves a visit. Sunny winter days will make you want to spend time in exploring the magnificent Amer, Mehrangarh, and Kumbhalgarh forts at a nice pace. Taking long, leisurely strolls in the colourful bazaars of Jaipur and Udaipur becomes more than just a shopping trip. The nip in the air will make every bite of pyaazkachori, mawa kachori, daalbaatichurma, laal maas, bajreki roti, and saag very well earned. And camping in the desert of Jaisalmer under the sky full of stars will be an unforgettable experience. So, yes. Rajasthan is my destination for a winter holiday.”

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Garwhal Himalayas

The Himalayas are majestic in a dreamy kind of way in winters and this makes it the best desitnation for the seasons expresses Aditi Mathur of Aditi’s Monologue.

“A few years back I spent my Christmas trekking the snow covered Garwhal Himalayas, and it has been my favourite destination to spend Christmas and New Year’s. Contrary to popular belief, winters is the best time to witness the grand Himalayas because the skies are clear and the sun feels nice. Chopta is known as India’s Mini Switzerland because of its lush meadows. The stay at Kund was great, with views of River Mandakini, bonfires at the night and barbecue session with singing marathons of all trekkers, that ended in everyone telling spooky ghost stories.


The stunning Deoriatal lake at 2440 m and the Chandrashila peak at 4000 m were the highlights of this White Christmas for me. Add to it the mythological angle of the place (Pnadavas are said to have rested here during their exile) and Chopta becomes a destination I’d want to visit again, maybe for New Year’s this time.”

So, where are you headed to this winter?

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