6 YouTube videos that teach you how to pack like a pro!


Packing is always a nightmare, said every traveler ever. Except, those that have mastered the art of essential packing. Why not pick a few tricks from these YouTubers. We promise, we have every kind. 

A buffet of packing tips for every type of traveler is served fresh in this article.  

1. How to pack a carry-on bag? 

Sruti’s tips are really easy to follow. The best one is – packing everything in mini pouches and compact bags first. Then transfer everything to a carry on suitcase. It makes it so easy to find things on the go. A simple and useful packing tip for any kind of traveler.  


2. Packing a Suitcase for Family travel

This video packs tips on packing for an entire family. A perfect way to accommodate clothes, shoes and all the essentials for a family of four in a couple of suitcases. There is an awesome tip for packing shoes the right way. 


3. Girls Travel Essentials

Anusha Dandekar, a celebrated public face tells you in her unique style – essential things to carry in your travel bag. Though the tips are mostly for girls, boys can watch for fun! You can go ahead an create a checklist out of this video. 


4. Packing like a Man 

Monish, the snazzy man is set out to build a lifestyle-centric channel for men. This video is a man’s perspective on packing a travel bag. He does a quick tutorial for an effective pack up! Manly things only. Promise.  


5. Packing tips for Kids on a vacation

Little Miss Anand is a kid vlogger and travels so often, its adorable. She shows all the little girls what she takes in her princess suitcase to Italy in this video. Apart from tons of cuteness, the video is a go-to guide for mothers who want to get some ideas for their little ones. 


6. Packing tips in Hindi

Hindi speaking peeps can see this video on packing like a pro. 


Wishing everyone a happy packing journey for every trip in future. Make your holiday a memorable one with Club Mahindra

Apeksha Harihar, Former Editor, Social Samosa has over 5+ years of experience in digital marketing and publishing. Follow Apeksha on Twitter. She is now a Travel Writer & Photographer on Thing2gether



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