From Airtel to ParleG, brands try to decode SSFF in new moment marketing trend


The recent talk of the town is SSFF, which has left many brands puzzled. Social media users and creators too are trying to crack the mystery. Here’s what brands are saying about the latest social media trend – SSFF.

Agency folks are on their way to figure out what SSFF stands for.

Brands and creators are currently surfing on the trend #SSFF with creative posts. .

Brands from various industries have participated in the #SSFF trend and are trying to decode what it stands for. 

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This isn’t the first time that the internet and brand world have united to solve a mystery. In the past, when Durex launched a new product in the market, there was a massive conversation on the social media universe involving multiple A-list influencers and celebrities. All trying to decode the mystery.

This time, creators and brands are trying to crack a puzzle. Is it Sabse Special Friend Forever, Sabse Smart Fitness Funda, or something else the nation wants to know!

From Airtel to ParleG, brands share their versions of SSFF. 

What do you think SSFF stands for? And is your favourite SSFF brand creative a part of this list? Let us know in the comments below.

Watch this space as Social Samosa unveils the SSFF mystery, soon.