Kamaal R Khan’s twitter account hacked.

Some ‘breaking news’ for all of you, well, if you really want to put it that way ;) We have seen and heard about  celebrity accounts being hacked and revived before. But this one, is certainly something else. A lot of people who follow or know what Kamaal R Khan is remotely like on twitter, is likely to agree.

Two twitter users  @AnonAbagnale and @nikunjbhuwalka hacked KRK’s twitter account today. You must be wondering why? Why all of a sudden this incident? Here are their reasons:

Reason 1:  Apparently KRK spoke ill of @nikunjbhuwalka parents.

Reason 2: They disapproved of his tweets as they were derogatory, especially towards women.

Now, in the past, there have been a lot of incidents where twitter users have claimed, especially girls and women where Kamaal R Khan has sent them derogatory, lewd Direct Messages. There have been times where he has gone on a blocking spree and tweeting about it overnight. That’s not something new many of us know.

What’s interesting to see, followers of KRK have a unique reason to follow him. Most are amused by the way he tweets and some even follow him for their daily dose of laughter and of course, there are some of those die-hard fans of his or some who probably know him or belong to the same place where he comes from.

Here’s a blog posted by @AnonAbagnale on Everything we might need to know about KRK’s Account

They also are asking followers who were blocked to tweet to their personal accounts on getting their accounts unblocked. Also, they claim that their reason for this was simply to teach him a lesson to behave himself on twitter and not to get any followers or fame through this incident.

They claim that the account will be given back to KRK at 6 PM in the evening and also, that they had a conversation with him and he promised to behave, henceforth on twitter.

While this doesn’t add much value or impact to our lives, its amusing to see how such kind of incidents stir up the nontroversies as popularlycalled by twitter junta! And yes, they’ve got a lot of kudos from some people on twitter, while a few are advising them on the repercussions of this act.

Anyways, we’ll just have to wait and watch for more updates on this story now and KRK’s reaction on this incident. What say?


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