Social Media Campaign Review: Radio KFC RJ hunt



All KFC outlets now have Radio KFC, a branded channel playing a mix of international music in the stores. KFC India, in an attempt to popularize it, has come up with an RJ Hunt contest on Facebook.

KFC RJ hunt


Fans can audition their RJ demos on Facebook through a well designed Facebook Application and get a chance to be the next RJ on Radio KFC.

The application opens up with a retro style radio set in which you can record your introduction and a demo through the app and spice it up with sound effects. It plays a small demo and asks for access to your microphone and camera.

Radio KFC RJ hunt

The radio set has record, play and pause buttons. You can add extra effects in your recordings with an option to adjust volume and a choice of background scores in Hip Hop, Pop, Rock and House.

You can also add sound effects like applause, laughter, bell buzzer and the KFC tagline “so good!”.

kfc facebook app

Once you finish recording, you can play the demo and submit it. The app will then ask your name and email address and mobile number.

KFC India offers exciting incentives like KFC food coupons worth Rs. 500 to daily winners. Three winners get to win Sennheiser headsets and one winner gets a chance to become the Radio KFC RJ and be heard by millions on Radio KFC!

If you are unable to record, you can dial the toll free number provided on the app. There is a gallery at the top with the best short-listed auditions. Fans can listen to them and vote for their favourite candidate.

There’s also a Mashup gallery where KFC will mix up the best entries and create a mashup out of them.


The concept of this application is very good and innovative.

The application is designed very well with a good interface and execution. It is not only visually appealing but also user friendly. It engages its users by giving them an enjoyable experience and boasts of 800 people who have used this app!

The tone of the app is funky,offbeat and electric!  With this app, KFC India has tapped the right user base, i.e. youngsters!

They also get to build a database of telephone numbers and email ids of their target through this app.

Moreover, there is no limit to the number of times participants can take part in the Contest. You can eliminate errors and record again!

Scope of Improvement:

The page has gone low-key in promoting this event, in fact after October 9th there has been no efforts to promote this app. It seems the ‘Worms in Chicken’ issue might be one of the reasons that has thrown them off track.

Also, KFC is promoting the app through a cover photo with a call to action which is against Facebook’s policies.

Facebook guideline says

Covers may not include calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends.”

Moreover, KFC India could have collaborated with an FM station and increased their reach.

In a nutshell, The KFC  Radio RJ hunt Contest is a winning campaign. Unfortunately it seems to have lost focus as a result of the ‘Worm Crisis’ which is tarnishing the brand image.

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