Social Media Campaign Review: Bingo! Share a Tangle Campaign

As a brand that seeks to position its tangles as a preferred spicy, tangy snack Bingo is constantly working towards positioning its product as such. Its advertisements have always highlighted taste and the Bingo Share a Tangle campaign now veers towards peer to peer sharing.

bingo tangles khaoge toh khilaogeObjectives

With the Share a tangle Campaign running for a month ending on 7th July, 2013, Bingo has worked towards building the buzz about the tangle on Facebook. In a run up to the campaign, an advertisement in the TOI listed fours steps leading up to the Facebook app. In what seems to be more of a sampling exercise under the garb of a contest, Bigo seems to be slightly off the mark with this simplistic campaign.

Bingo! Share a Tangle Campaign promotes peer to peer sharing by encouraging users to share Bingo tangles with five friends.  This could be motivated by the urge to reach out to the college going crowd which snacks on tangy stuff and might be most likely to share it with friends.


The contest is hosted on the Bingo Facebook Page through a dedicated app. The application lets the user scan through their friend list to select one friend of theirs at an instance (goes up to five) whom they can ‘share’ a packet of Bingo Tangles with. In order to personalize the sharing experience, an additional layer where users could add a message with their share in the form of simple text, audio and even record a video message for the receiver was added. Once done, the receiver can see a post on his timeline with the personalized message. All the Receiver has to then do is claim his/her Tangle by entering their details and Bingo would deliver the Tangles, right at their doorstep.

Bingo! tangles social media campaign


Bingo! Share a Tangle Campaign

The campaign is currently live on Facebook the page and has been promoted both digitally and in print.

bingo 2Positives

The page has more than 4.3M fans and is promoting Tangles with the Facebook app. The app – Share a Tangle works once you ‘like’ the page and become a fan. Though a little slow to load, the app works well when sharing a Tangle with your friend. The app is also being promoted with regular updates on the wall.

In addition to the social media activities, Bingo reached out to those not so active on Facebook with a half-page ad on the Times of India.

The campaign gets a thumbs up for its consistent brand message – ‘Khaoge toh Khilaoge’. Sharing Bingo with friends is just the thing to do. It involves friends of fans and creates a ripple effect thereby boosting the virality factor. If you want a free bingo, you will have to tell your friends to share it with you.

By involving “friends” – it’s not just a question of “promote-my-brand”  or “tell us why our brand is so cool” kinda contest. They have given a nice angle to it. After all people join Facebook to share things with their friends.

Sampling through Facebook  takes care of the online-offline integration. Finally, the audio/ video recording makes it more interesting and personalized.

Scope for Improvement:

First hand feedback and information could have been gathered and this would have really helped Bingo.  Getting bloggers and influential people to talk about the product is something that could have garnered publicity and grabbed more eyeballs than this Facebook app.


By using the social gifting concept, Bingo has attempted to market its product ‘Bingo Tangles’ – a snack that has the mantra of ‘Khaoge toh Khilaoge’ in a whole new way.  Perhaps timing this around friendship day (early August) and throwing in some offline integration could have made this campaign more effective.


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