Announcing the Launch of Social Samosa Pro – Helping Brands & Agencies on Social Media

Launching Social Samosa PRO

“The industry is yet to move ahead from campaigns and contests”

The marketing head of a leading brand shared this with us when one of our senior team member met him a couple of weeks back. Brands and agencies today need a push that drives them towards realizing real business results.

Today, we are announcing the launch of Social Samosa PRO – our consulting division where we enable brands & agencies come up with effective strategies.

No, we are NOT turning into an agency ourselves. Social Samosa PRO is strictly about strategic consulting and not execution.

Launching Social Samosa PRO

How Social Samosa PRO Will Help Agencies

Pitch Strategy: To help you come up with the most effective pitch presentation for the client you’ve been vying for, our team of strategists will help you come up with a plan that will see you through all the competing agencies.

Customized Workshops: Build better teams that understand the brand requirements better and come up with effective digital strategies.

How Social Samosa PRO Will Help Brands

Performance Analysis: Our team of strategists, analysts & creative professionals will analyze your current social media presence and evaluate your content strategy to help you with insights and recommendations, along with a 3-6 months roadmap, that will help you derive better results out of social media.

Digital Intervention: We will assist you and your agency ideate campaigns and digital properties that will bring you closer to your audience and give them a remarkable experience.

Competitor Benchmarking: Keep a tab on your competitors and outperform them on the digital medium as we equip you with detailed insights and analysis that will help you formulate a result-oriented action plan.

With Social Samosa PRO, we are looking to help brands and digital agencies make the best use of social media. If you are an agency or a brand and are interested to know more about Social Samosa PRO, check out the website & write to us today!