Unveiling Social Samosa Jobs 2.0 – Simplifying the Connect Between Recruiters & Talent

Social Samosa's New Jobs Portal

Ever since we launched our India centric social media jobs portal – jobs.socialsamosa.com – we have seen it become a focal point for the talent pool in the industry.

Today, we are giving it a facelift.

We have introduced some major changes to the portal so as to help you make the most of it. The interface is focused towards helping you find jobs and apply to them as easily as possible.
Social Samosa Jobs Portal

If you’re looking for a job, the new Social Samosa Jobs now lets you:

  1. Register for Free
  2. Instead of hunting for jobs, let recruiters approach you
  3. Search for jobs easily
  4. Find the most suitable job for you

If you are a recruiter, you will find the portal much more helpful than before. Now, you can:

  1. Find the best social media talent
  2. Sift through profiles to find the best fit
  3. Hire fast
  4. Hire easy

Our sole focus is to help recruiters find the best talent and for this you just have to pay a very nominal fee.

Do give the new Social Samosa Jobs a spin and share your suggestions and feedback with us at contact@socialsamosa.com.