How ixigo Reached 25 Million Users on a Shoestring Budget With #TravelHacks

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Videos in today’s times should prompt the audience to engage with a brand in a genuine fashion.

ixigo wanted to connect with its audiences in a way that not only provides enjoyment to them, but also builds up brand awareness and positive attitude amongst existing and new users.

Keeping this and the objective of creating an impact on the users’ travel habits in mind, ixigo launched the “low cost high reach” travel hacks video on Facebook.

Video covers everything from jewellery hacks to luggage hacks.

Conclusion –

With just over 30K INR spend ixigo was able to garner a reach equivalent to a 30 sec spot on TV on prime time/cricket.

The ROI was mind blowing: just Rs 1.2 to reach 1000 viewers vs Rs 23-35 to reach a similar base on TV.

It proves how videos on digital is now mainstream if done in the right manner.