Havmor’s #SpreadTheGoodness gives greeting cards a social twist




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Havmor identified that in this fast paced world people usually don’t take out time to share their gratitude for all the good deeds around them. With their new brand philosophy they wanted people to say Thank You and appreciate the goodness around.


Havmor aimed to give a unique engagement leg to the umbrella thought of ‘Goodness the World Deserves’ through the new campaign.


The tradition of exchanging greeting cards is one that has always held sentimental value for all occasions and emotions as a token of affection.

In the hustle bustle of the contemporary life, stress has been elevating making people busier by day. They seldom have the time to show gratitude to the source of little things in life.

As a brand, Havmor wished to provide people with a way to express gratitude for the little good deeds and act of kindness that they have experienced daily at the hands of kind-hearted people around them.

The brand created a platform where people can express their gratitude for the kind deeds that are extended to them, reviving the old-fashioned way with a modern twist.

Gifting someone a greeting card is not only a happy moment for the receiver but also brings priceless joy to the giver. The idea of greeting cards was tied with the phenomenon of the currently vast social media presence by creating virtual greeting cards called ‘Goodness Cards’.

The hashtag #SpreadTheGoodness was created & popularized to confirm the gesture of gifting a greeting card  as ‘spreading goodness’ that the giver & receiver both deserve.

A total of 14 Goodness Cards were designed. Each portrayed a specific good deed that is likely to take place in the brand’s TG’s everyday life. This brought the element of relatability.

A responsive microsite was designed for users by the brand to select a Goodness Card that they could relate to the most & dedicate it to the one who brought that kind of goodness in their life. The Goodness Cards were shareable on Facebook & Twitter.

Users were, thereby, provided with an easy way to show appreciation & spread the goodness of greeting cards without the trouble of going out & buying one.


Goodness was spread in the form of 3.7k plus Goodness Cards on Facebook & Twitter.  They saw a remarkable growth of more than 58k in the Facebook fan base.

The brand received more than 300 new Twitter followers. Havmor’s campaign tweets received 100k plus impressions. The hashtag #SpreadTheGoodness trended nationwide for 3 hours. Overall social impressions of more than 9 MM were achieved in a span of 5 days.

Havmor managed to create a winning campaign by connecting with the audience on the emotion of gratitude.