Titan’s #Uncolour debunked stereotypes this holi..

Titan #Uncolour

Following their legacy of being the Gen Y brand with modern ideologies, Titan unleashed their #Uncolour series, an attempt at debunking stereotypes around women.

The brand released a series of videos, in hues of black and white, with individuals narrating myths and stereotypes that they want to #Uncolour. For instance, a guy named Vijay Manek states that he would like to #Uncolour the stereotype that only women gossip. A subsequent video featured Itti Singh, a mother who would like to #Uncolour the stereotype that a¬†woman’s career choices are impacted by motherhood.

All the video were marketed extensive on Facebook. If you wish to see these videos in our campaign review segment, let us know on team@socialsamosa.com.