Levi’s new campaign celebrates equality with #ProudToBeMore


To build and encourage an inclusive environment, Levi’s has come up with a new campaign to support LGBTQIA+ community.

Levi’s recently launched #ProudToBeMore campaign with inspiring members of the LGBTQIA+ community. In a country where individuals are being labelled and reduced to their sexual preference and orientation — Onir, Sushant Divgikr, Priyanka Paul, and Aravani Art Project have shown various manifestations of a life that refuses to be put in a box.

Acknowledging the barriers of perception, Levi’s emphasizes on the concept of expressing one’s sexuality without inhibitions.

Through this mobile-first campaign video, Levi’s tries to bring out the contrasting choices of the members of the pride community and how they are subjected to various stereotypes. People judge them based on their choices, including what they wear and who they choose to be with. They despise being trapped in a box and wish to be more than people’s opinions.

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Karen Riley Grant, VP Marketing, Levi’s Asia and MENA says, “The #ProudToBeMore campaign is driven by the insight that an individual’s journey of discovering their gender, sexual orientation and preferences is a unique one. We hope to empower people to be proud, accept themselves for who they are.”

Influencers who are #ProudToBeMore

For the #ProudToBeMore campaign, Levi’s collaborated with four sets of influencers. Onir challenges the perceptions of the society around homosexuality, by taking the conversation forward on acceptance and equality. A filmmaker by profession, Onir has decided to not be afraid to live the life they want.

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It was incredibly fun to share my story with @levis_in! Also here’s the full poem from the main campaign! I like cheesecake and I like girls And I like the colour teal and mixing blue and green paint And I like glitter and eyeliner wings too loud for my face And I like how my voice sounds on video and I like cactuses, I mean cacti And I like not tying my shoe laces And wearing tshirts two sizes bigger than my actual size and I like Iced tea and only one of those things I like separates me from the rest and puts me into a box You see I don’t like boxes There’s a form to fill the moment you are born A box to strike, to fill, to cross, to choose Its not what i was born as, its who i want to be So on that form I make my own options Its so easy to stereotype in today’s world you decide the worth of my mouth by who i choose to kiss with it Not what i choose to shout with it, scream with it, bite and spit out with it You have not heard my mouth’s anger or kindness Yet it’s like there’s a rainbow stained glass put in front of me And popular opinion might have you believe that this glass will help you see me in a different light But how to be different without differentiation A question I’ve time and again asked the shadow of my orientation And again I am in a box This box has glass ceilings And then again it has glass hands And a mind that’s made up about who I am And has sounds of real life people that say things like Why aren’t you feminine enough? Why aren’t you masculine enough? What’s with your hair? Oh is that how you choose to dress everyday? Is that a gay job? Is that a normal job? Do you identify as an *insert random object*? The voices then ask me for a list of things I am And more often than not the voices don’t ask me who I am, they tell me who I am So in a morse code of knocks that translate into banging against the walls of this box I say I’m everything I was born as and everything I am and I’m everything I will be (Continued in comments) #ProudToBeMore ✊??

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Bengaluru-based Aravani Art Project collective is a part of the campaign. They discuss visual arts as a means of expression that can lead to a change in people’s outlook. Crowned Mr Gay in 2014, Sushant highlights how empowering self-love can be.

Priyanka is the youngest amongst the lot and brings forth a fresh perspective on what it means to be queer. The poem that forms the crux of the #ProudToBeMore campaign has been penned by her.


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