Agency Feature: CommerceX


What is CommerceX? 

We are an integrated eCommerce partner specializing in providing holistic e-commerce solutions.  We are a data-driven high-performance firm that excels in the end to end performance marketing for digital brands across various categories.

Our agency was envisioned to help start-ups get the complete ecosystem for enabling digital-first brands and create a niche for ourselves in the otherwise cluttered agency space by integration all the essential business functions.

We have a team of over 60 members who specialize in various cross-functional areas like business strategy, digital marketing, technology, analytics, and marketplace growth strategy. 

What’s in the name? 

CommerceX — Here, ‘Commerce’ signifies the business, quality & growth and ‘X’ signifies- We help to accelerate consumer brand’s digital growth. We are a growth accelerator for your digital brand!

What do we do? 

Paid media marketing, CRM marketing, technology solutions, marketplace management and growth, social media promotions and overall business strategy.

Why we do it? 

We believe in creating a digital ecosystem for brands and we have been successful in implementing various channels to drive sustainability in business growth and providing value by generating a higher return on investment. Digital marketing is an essential function of any marketing strategy and we believe that we have one of the best teams in the industry capable of developing unique strategies to generate measurable impact.

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How we evolve?

On the forefront, what has worked for us is that we have built a formidable team comprising of professionals from all walks of life and have developed a strong culture of learning, curiosity, and innovation at the core of whatever we do. 

Having said that, we started with a strong presence in performance marketing and started evolving into the digital marketing space because, in today’s scenario, digital marketing is a consistently growing sector. We are also exploring a brand-building process with a team of different expertise and capabilities and we aspire to create a complete ecosystem for eCommerce brands in India.

We believe in being very competent in creativity, having a sound industry knowledge backed by strong fundamentals in research and developing better In-house data analytics and intelligence capabilities.

Work hard and party harder is something we stand for.

Social responsibility in social media 

It is our moral responsibility to furnish true information about our firm or any brand in social media. Needless to say, that when a brand entrusts us with critical information and data, any information published on social media should be done after a thoughtful consideration of the brand’s reputation and impact it creates on the minds of the people.

Considering the current scenario, companies should be very clear and transparent to communicate most expeditiously to their consumers. The most efficient way to do this is online through social media platforms. As we know that the social media is the frequent source to check all the available information and latest updates regularly, we should also be more informative, crisp and clear on the things. We are also responsible to showcase a good brand image on social media.

Need of the hour 

We take care and are responsible for managing below attributes for our valued clients: 

  • Brand Positioning
  • Story Telling
  • Emotion behind the brand & Brand Reputation
  • Clear and crisp communication strategy
  • Performance matrix
  • Social media protocols
  • Adhering to core values and commitment towards excellence

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We learned the hard way 

We learned to strike an appropriate balance between personal and professional life at work. We undertook every assignment with a note of optimism, hoped for the best and prepared for the worst. Growing a brand within a stipulated time frame and as per expectations has been our greatest challenge so far. Over the course of the last two years, our clientele base from diverse industries made us realize that we have grown up as one of the best solution providers and been very innovative in our approach. We have learned from our failures and experiments and we had to adopt a completely different strategy each time to achieve the desired scale. The learning curve for us has been really steep and success was achieved by dint of hard work, utmost dedication and learning the hard way.

They work with us 

We are trusted business partners for some of our most esteemed clients like Azani Sports, Mcaffeine and Raw Nature.

Industry as we foresee 

One of the major factors contributing to the immense growth of Social media is the sustained growth and increased purchasing power of the people. For the past several years, the media and entertainment (M&E) industry is ruled by consumer choices of content accessibility and user experience. However, traditional media has not been disrupted in India unlike its global counterparts but age groups between 18 to 40 comprising of youth and working professionals keep themselves updated with the events in digital and social media. 

We also witness a rise in the purchasing power of consumers and about 50% of the population set to reside in urban areas by 2020, we believe that the industries dealing with utility products such as apparel, personal care, footwear and many more are set to experience a boom. It’s the right time to step into building own brands targeted towards the urban population with a propensity to buy.

A day without Internet 

The ideas will be shared face to face and the reach of these ideas will be very low. Being connected with the internet is something we are consistent or growing every day in terms of awareness and connectivity with people. Any services will be highly affected without the presence of the Internet and would take a major hit on any industry.