Outrage prompts Kent RO to apologise for distasteful ad

Kent RO ad

In response to the outrage against a distasteful Atta & Bread Maker ad, Kent RO has withdrawn it, stating they would investigate the lapse.

Kent RO has recently run an ad on social media, depicting a distasteful take on the ‘unhygienic hands’ of domestic workers. It led to a public outcry on social media as many wrote scathing notes about the classist and misogynistic nature of the advertisement. In response, the brand had to release a statement, apologising for the act.

The advertisement in question contained pictures of dough being kneaded with copy: Are You Allowing Your Maid To Knead Atta Dough By Hand? Her Hands May Be Infected. Don’t Compromise on Health and Quality.

It was displayed as a carousel ad of three images, the screenshots of which were taken and shared extensively on Twitter.

Signed by Chairman & Managing Director Mahesh Gupta, the statement states that the social media ad was unintentional, badly communicated and wrong. Apologising for the same, he writes, “The advertisement is contrary to the beliefs and professional standards of Kent.”

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“We will investigate how our advertisement standards were compromised and we will further take corrective and preventive action so that such incidents are not repeated in future,” he wrote. The advertisement in question has been withdrawn by the brand.

Kent RO is also replying to almost every tweet from their official handle, signed by the CMD, reiterating the apology as a means to control the situation from getting out of hand.