Facebook expands tools for in-stream advertisers

Facebook advertisers

Facebook has expanded where they provide suitability tools for in-stream that have been testing to give advertisers more control over where their ads appear.

Below are the Facebook in-stream updates for advertisers you need to know about.

  • Topic exclusion will offer in-stream advertisers content-level suitability. Powered by machine learning technology, topic exclusion is designed to allow in-stream advertisers to choose content-level exclusions from four different topics: news, politics, gaming, and religious and spiritual content.
  • Publisher allow lists for in-stream auction will provide advertisers the ability to select a list of publishers based on their own brand suitability criteria and deliver digital campaigns exclusively on the content from these publishers.

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In the coming weeks, In-Stream Reserve will be planning to test content delivery reports with select advertisers, giving them visibility into the video assets where their ads were delivered. This is an additional layer on top of the publisher level data.

The updates come in as the Stop Hate For Profit, a movement against Facebook’s manage management of hate speech grows with advertisers continuing to boycott Facebook for advertising, and prominent celebrities freezing their Instagram account for Facebook ignoring hate speech and disinformation.