Quote Tweets are now an official feature on Twitter

Twitter Quote Tweets

After differentiating Retweets and Retweets with comments, Twitter goes a step further to re-name the latter as Quote Tweets.

Earlier this year, Twitter had made it possible for users to quickly check conversations around a tweet by adding separate Retweets and Retweets with comments counters. In a new update, they have re-named the latter as Quote Tweets. Users will be able to see these in the Tweet detail view.

These moves come as acknowledgements from the micro-blogging platform that there is more to conversations than the number of retweets a tweet garners. Quote Tweets with text, pictures, videos and GIFs can be all seen/read/accessed from the same section.

Quote Tweets was confirmed as a feature by Twitter Support.

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Numbers are no longer a good metric to measure what people truly feel about the content they are consuming online. Comments and emotion reactions are two features that have been helping add context to such conversations.

Quoting a tweet to add more to the conversation is something Twitter users have been doing for a long time now. Making it more accessible on the platform is bound to help with tracking conversations and getting an understanding of their depth and relevance for an audience.