Social Awareness campaigns by Yuvaa narrate untold stories of youth

Yuvaa campaigns

The core objective of Yuvaa campaigns is to engage the youth that may have a hundred thousand followers but feels lonely at times, the youth that is driven but pulled back, the youth that is either misrepresented or even misunderstood.

Yuvaa, the youth media, and community engagement platform executes campaigns that are inspired by or based on real-life and research and forms narratives based on data insights and an ingenious approach.

The string of campaigns are packaged in different formats and feature distinct personalities, but are weaved around the one common thread of catering to the problems that may be invisible but are always there, like the nose between our eyes.

Yuvaa is also focussed on providing solutions to these problems, and often partners with relevant organizations and launches initiatives in association with establishments such as InnerHour,, Samaritans Mumbai, Mariwala Health Initiative, and more.

Talk To Them directed by Anand Tiwari, and written by Nikhil Taneja, co-founders of Yuvaa, conveys the communication gap between the parents and their children that leads to the children falling into that space of emptiness.

The campaign features the delightful mothers and fathers of several movies and web series pumping emotion into the narrative and bringing the role of parents to life.

We Need To Stop Online Hate brings in popular web series actors to share a public service message in the interest of the growing hate in the virtual world. Social media platforms have given a voice to the unheard, and the unheard also include the herd of people voicing hate that is uncalled for.

Main Hoon Yuvaa, written and directed by Divyanshu Malhotra, condenses real-life stories of college students into a spoken word format and intense visuals to narrate the untold stories of the youth.

More social awareness campaigns by Yuvaa underline issues such as women’s safety, casual racism, mental health, hate speech, and much more.

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