Twitter is testing ‘Share To WhatsApp’ button

Twitter WhatsApp

Twitter is selectively experimenting with a feature that would enable users to share tweets directly on WhatsApp. The feature is currently live in India and in the testing phase.

Users can only tweet on the Twitter platform, but screenshots of those tweets are omnipresent on all platforms and are circulated via the native features of the particular platform, and tweets have become a consumable format of content across networks. Catering to this common user behaviour, Twitter has been associating with platforms, and ‘Share To WhatsApp’ button is the latest feature.

The popularity of Tweets on most platforms aside from Twitter is something that most social media users are versed with, screenshots of Tweets surface on Instagram, and Facebook, and are forwarded on WhatsApp and more platforms. Meme pages on Instagram have also been known to flourish on funny tweets.

This user behaviour gives access to Tweets and expands the exposure, but in no way is it directed back to Twitter or the users. Twitter has humorously taken a dig at platforms on several occasions and has steadily been coming up with integrated solutions to drive back users to the Twitter platform.

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Previously, Twitter had also launched with Snapchat, Twitter users can share Tweets directly to their Snapchat Stories with a few clicks.

The platforms partnered to leverage overlapping users who have a presence on both apps – Snapchat & Twitter, and also give them a way to move away from screenshots and drive engagement from one place to the other. The functionality is available to Public accounts and not Protected Tweets.