India-Pak matches get the most advertisers in Asia Cup 2022: TAM report

Asia Cup 2022 - TAM report

As per TAM Media Research, over 55 advertisers and 85 brands from India have put their advertising monies into Asia Cup 2022. Overall ad volume has grown by 51% than Asia Cup 2016.

Over the years, sports marketing has gained more popularity. Indian brands are also spending their advertising monies on international sports. As per a recent report by TAM Media Research, the indexed ad volume growth has grown by 51% in Asia Cup 2022 over 2016. 

One of the most awaited are India-Pakistan matches, which tend to spark up a memefest on social media, and have the highest percentage share among all Asia Cup matches this year. 

Categories such as ecom-gaming, pan masala, perfumes and deodorant, cellular phones-smartphones, aerated soft drink are the highest spenders in Asia Cup 2022. These five categories contributed up to 39-49% of overall advertising. 

Among the advertisers, Vini Products had the lion’s share in 2022, followed by Sporta Technologies, Fairplay, Samsung India Electronics and K P Pan Foods. 

The services, food and beverages, and personal care sector have invested the most in advertising on Asia Cup in 2022.