An ad within an ad – this Pulsar ad got everyone talking yesterday

Pulsar N160

As the excitement around India’s victory over South Africa thrives, the thrill spilled over off the
field as well. A seemingly innocuous ad showcasing the new Pulsar N160 was an easter egg for
an action-packed film that was revealed by scanning a QR code in the ad.

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The campaign that started with this a simple act of scanning a QR code, involved the
consumers actively in their communication. The innovative matryoshka doll-like campaign
immediately caught the imagination of the Twitterati and customers who scanned the QR code
shared the surprising results on social media; it created a sense of curiosity, compelling other
users to join in and find out what was brewing.

Click Here To See The Film

With their Pulsar N160 campaign, Pulsar has managed to not only grab eyeballs but also
include the consumers in their launch story. It continues to drive conversation in the exciting
category of entry-sport motorcycles.