Case Study: How Biryani by Kilo created buzz around their drone delivery campaign

Biryani by Kilo

Biryani by Kilo used drones to drive their USP of freshly-cooked biryanis’ and launched a drone delivery initiative in Hyderabad. The social media leg of the campaign saw 815k views.

To live up to their promise of freshness, Biryani by Kilo tried using drones in the skies of Hyderbad to deliver their dum-cooked biryanis and saw a 44% increase in their sales. Here’s a look at how they made this possible.

Category Introduction 

Biryani By Kilo comes under the Food and Beverage Industry. The Indian food service market is expected to register a CAGR of 10.51% during the forecast period 2022-2027. Among other food categories, Biryani has emerged as an unlikely champion of India’s fast-food scene, surpassing pizzas and burgers. According to food delivery apps, it is among the most popular dishes ordered. Swiggy’s annual report on the country’s food ordering says that Indians ordered an average of 115 Biryanis per minute, and the dish has remained on top of the charts for quite a few years now. Also as per a technopark report,  the Biryani industry is $3.5 – $4 million. market in India. 

Brand Introduction  

Biryani is a complete meal, filled with aromas & flavours, with recipes that can be both authentic & versatile. Biryani By Kilo was founded on the pillars of authenticity, taste and sustainability. It uses carefully picked ingredients including one of the most expensive branded rice specially aged around 2 years, spices handpicked from Kerala, and fresh selected meats & vegetables for its production of Biryanis & Kebabs. 

The concept of serving biryani in handis was revived by the company, as it aimed to bring back the authentic taste and experience of having the delicious dish from the same handi it was freshly cooked in.


In today’s age of mass production, the problem was simple but grave – Most biryani outlets prepare biryani in large containers that are then served throughout the day in smaller portions. Also, there are brands that make the biryani in bulk and then blast freeze it only to be sold later. This practice results in the loss of freshness, loss of aroma, and loss of taste. Biryani by Kilo makes every biryani freshly dum cooked in Handi on order and hence gives an authentic experience to biryani lovers.

To liven up their promise of freshness, they prepared themselves to explore future possibilities of delivering biryanis through drones, and where better to begin, than in the Biryani capital of India itself. So, Hyderabad was delighted to have biryanis delivered right into their hands, through flying drones, in BBK’s pilot test run.


Wondrlab Media Pvt. Ltd. was given the agency to run the Hyderabad campaign. They were briefed to take an innovative approach to portray the technological advancement in food deliveries while retaining Biryani By Kilos’ brand values of freshness and authenticity. Creating the necessary hype was of great importance to this novel campaign, for which the agency had to make use of multiple media platforms.

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Creative Idea  

The idea was to create a buzzing atmosphere, to welcome the new and innovative drone-delivery service of biryani handis to the customers. Biryani By Kilo was to introduce this idea, whilst aligning their USP of freshness, and making it extra fresh with unique drone delivery.  

Using drones, which are a recent addition to the technological revolution, the brand decided to step on board with this technology as it is a fun and sustainable way for food delivery, that also helps keep the freshness of their Biryanis intact.

The idea further developed with an element of fun added by the novelty of flying drones within the city. It created that traction and hype among consumers. How the children and families exclaimed at the sight of a drone in the sky, delivering their favourite freshly cooked biryani.

Furthermore, another conscious step was achieved through this idea – sustainability. The brand takes pride in being rooted in the principle of sustainability. It uses earthen pots (handis), made of natural clay, to revive the authentic experience of devouring Biryanis. They have taken a leap into the future by helping conserve fossil fuels consumed by delivery vehicles on road. The drone delivery system thus excites and sustains.


Every technological disruption comes with minute challenges. Biryani By Kilo, in their venture to delight the people of Hyderabad, faced many such challenges before their big launch.

Testing future possibilities was hard work. From inventing the perfect drone to carry the weight of each biryani handi to modifying SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) to include the feasibility of using drones in the day-to-day delivery process, each little challenge was resolved in due time.

Moreover, the brand found the right mix of influencers and deliveries to create real delight and amplify the act, in the Biryani Capital of India.


To bring home the message of the innovative campaign, Biryani By Kilo used a multi-pronged approach in executing the campaign. From spotlighting on the major Social Media platforms of Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp, to broadcasting and prints, the brand used all possibilities for its campaign.

Launching an unbranded teaser OOH, right before a week of the launch of “order karega toh fresh banega”. They highlighted the market problem through this teaser with a statement that read “subeh ki bani biryani nakko..” The brand made use of influencer acts and recorded real-time testimonials of drone delivery experiences, from the resident of Hyderabad. Formally, they also invested in a PR article and got heavy media coverage from Local and National newspapers.



  • Total Influencers used- 33 (Top Micro and Macro Bloggers of Hyderabad)
  • Total Views Achieved- 815k
  • Total engagements Achieved- 85k
  • Improve in Sales after the campaign- 44%


Biryani By Kilo Drone Delivery is a new talking point among the people of Hyderabad. The Social Media of Biryani By Kilo is flooded with DM’s and comments related to Drone Delivery.

“Biryani By Kilo has always focused on delighting its patrons through quality and delectable food offerings. It gives us immense happiness to establish the brand in the biryani capital of India where people associate biryani with traditions, culture and authenticity. The brand is known for constantly innovating and experimenting with the menu and introducing new techniques into the system. With the drone launch, we aimed to build excitement among our consumers and celebrate the new milestone with them. We will continue to explore and test drone delivery in the future to keep delivering the freshest biryani across India.” said Rishabh Verma, Executive VP, Sales & Marketing.