SAMMIE 2022: All you need to know about Individual Categories at BSMB Awards

Social Samosa presents Best Social Media Brands 2022. It has now gone live for nominations, and here is all the information you need about the Individual Categories, dedicated to applauding the revolutionary marketers of the Indian A&M industry.

Indian marketers who changed with the evolving landscape and shaped the marketing landscape with exceptional work now have the chance to get the recognition they deserve on a PAN-India platform supported b Social Samosa. If you think you fit the bill or know someone who does, nominate yourself or your peer for SAMMIE 2022 here.

The nomination deadline for SAMMIE 2022 is November 04. Here is a gist of the six Individual Categories (Marketing Achievers).

CMO Of The Year

The corporate professional who has been responsible for out-of-the-ordinary brand management and marketing communications, including duties such as market research, product marketing, and distribution channel management.

Marketing Director/Marketing Head Of The Year

The individual who aced strategic development of digital marketing, advertising communications, and creative elements of a brand.

Digital Marketing Professional Of The Year

From optimizing the SEO to delivering the KPIs, if your target audience came out of the other end of the funnel as your consumers, you fit the category like a hand in glove.

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Social Media Professional Of The Year

These professionals are not just required to keep up with trends but also predict them and be the first movers in the industry that is evolving every second, and catering to the audience with attention span thinner than hair. If you have engaged the audience on these platforms, you have already won, just nominate yourself for this category.

Brand Manager Of The Year

Individuals in this category must be equipped with and should have turned a ‘company’ into a ‘brand’, and mastered the art of branding – the most important selling point of a company

Brand Ambassador Of The Year

The ambassador who aligned their own values and traits to deliver campaigns and endorsements that come across as a natural extension of the brand and added their fan base to the target audience of the brand will be the ‘Brand Ambassador Of The Year’.

Social Samosa presents SAMMIE Best Social Media Brands Awards 2022 hosts a slate of various categories.

You can nominate by using the below links:

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