Twitter updates: Link spotlight & spaces in communities

Twitter Updates

The two new updates link, spotlight & spaces in communities launched by Twitter are in the beta phase and selectively available to users.

Twitter’s first two updates, Link Spotlight would be advantageous for professionals and businesses on the platform, and Spaces X Communities merges the best of both features on Twitter.

Link Spotlight

This feature is currently only available to users in the US with professional accounts. It enables users to highlight a landing page of their choice, which could be a purchase link for a product, a piece of content on a different platform, a food menu, a podcast, an application form, a blog, and more.

The feature is designed to streamline the transition from the Twitter platform where a professional or business is discovered to its website or an external platform that facilitates a transaction or consumption.

How to enable Link Spotlight on Professional Accounts

  • Click ‘Edit Profile’on the profile tab
  • Tap ‘Profile Spotlight’ then ‘Link Spotlight’
  • Add the URL to the landing page and a label to describe the link
  • Click ‘Done’

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Communities X Spaces

Twitter Communities are groups based on particular characteristics, interests, or inclinations and can be created and self-moderated by users.

Users can be a part of Communities such as Dogs, Astrology, Sneakers, and Skincare, which exist on the Twitter app as a place to Tweet about interests, separate from the public timeline. The feature was initiated on an invite-only basis, with admins and moderators having unlimited invites and members having 5 invites per Community that can be sent via DM.

Spaces are chatrooms based on audio-only conversations, and the new collab between both features brings out the best of the two features into one – having voice-based conversations within a community on certain topic-based interests.

All users on Twitter would be able to see and join a Space started in Communities, but only members of that Community can reply to the Space.