[Data] 10 biggest trends of 2023 & how they are driven by the needs of consumers: Talkwalker’s #SocialMediaTrends2023 Report

Talkwalker’s #SocialMediaTrends2023 report captures – the year when brands build on consumer trust!

The report offers a combination of insights and recommended actions that will help marketers to maximise outcomes for consumers and brands. It also features the expert opinions of 70+ marketing experts and influencers worldwide, including brands such as Google, Duroflex, and Bombay Shaving Company.

In the coming year, more brands will find that a successful social strategy is less about taking back control. Instead, they will discover how to shake up the industry by managing the symbiotic consumer/brand relationship. To get closer to their communities, companies can improve their listening skills, use more in-depth consumer insights, and leverage seamless technology to immediately capitalise and act on them.

In this report, find out how Talkwalker’s AI-powered Forecasting predicts that the trend in deepfake mentions will continue. The report also sheds light on how decentralised social networks will be the next big thing, whereby the future of social could be run by consumers and not big businesses.

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Commenting on the #SocialMediaTrends2023 report, David Low, Talkwalker CMO, said: “Marketers are constantly playing catch-up with consumers given the rapidly evolving digital landscape. This is particularly apparent in the Asia Pacific region which is home to some of the world’s largest populations of digital consumers, and which leads the way in online spending globally. In this new environment, marketers must focus on forging symbiotic relationships through a better understanding of online conversations and taking quicker action. It’s this new understanding that will help brands create meaningful experiences and become closer to their consumers.”

For marketers who are charting their 2023 strategy, the #SocialMediaTrends2023 Report by Talkwalker and Khoros is an essential read.

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