Fruitbowl Digital wins communications mandate for IndiGG

Fruitbowl Digital IndiGG

The Fruitbowl Digital and IndiGG partnership aims to introduce Indian gamers to the world of Web3 gaming through content, conversation and collaborative creation through effective digital positioning & engagement within the gaming community.

Fruitbowl Digital, a growth acceleration agency, based out of Mumbai, has won the creative communications mandate for IndiGG, a gaming community with a mission to onboard 500M+ gamers from the Indian subcontinent and provide them with an opportunity to earn an income while playing video games daily, completely free of cost. 

IndiGG is a web3 gaming DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that helps gamers earn while doing what they love – playing games. Actively partnering with the best gaming studios globally and locally to introduce high-quality Web3 games into the Indian gaming market, they are on the path to making the new age of gaming accessible to anyone with even just a mobile phone.

Fruitbowl has been entrusted with the task of developing a holistic communication strategy for IndiGG, to promote the expanding web3 gaming ecosystem and elevate gaming culture. The agency will position IndiGG as a trailblazer in the blockchain gaming multiverse through content that is relevant, exciting, engaging and conversational content.

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“Wherever technology has evolved, gaming has followed closely behind. The country has now been thoroughly engaged in virtual gaming and we are glad to partner with Fruitbowl to highlight the existing and potential impact of the decentralized platform that IndiGG is all set to provide for gamers and build the future of gaming together,” said Ishank Gupta, Advisor, IndiGG. 

Commenting on the win, Dedeepya Reddy, Co-Founder, Fruitbowl Digital, said, “The future of the gaming industry and web 3.0 is upon us and people have questions; through this partnership, we aim to answer them. The goal is to nurture a decentralized community of IndiGG Gamers to be advocates of this unique opportunity that we believe will continue to evolve and grow.”