How new-age brands redefined the age-old Push Notifications

push notifications

Push Notifications are no longer just a marketing tactic. With added humour and the new gen’s taste, brands are upping their game. Here’s a list of some we came across.

In the past all push notifications did was present to you a catchy deal in a not-so-catchy manner and fill up your notification bar, draining your battery in the process. Naturally, this not-so-fun way of receiving discount codes eventually made the user turn off the notification for the app. There went a very crucial and effective way of marketing down the drain. 

Then came an app that changed the game for push notifications for good. Zomato was probably the first brand that took their notifications to another level by adding humour to them. 

After all, ‘Marketing is all about psychology’, and Zomato actually took this phrase and applied that to their marketing strategy. From adding pun-ny idioms to their notifications to creating memes and even turning to moment marketing, these push notifications have seen a large variety of genres. 

A study shows that push notifications have a 50% higher chance of attracting customers than regular mailers. Today, not only Zomato, but multiple brands have followed suit and made an effort to create humorous and memorable notifications. From Meesho, Swiggy, Bumble, Myntra and many more, brands have found an entirely new marketing tactic to converse with the audience. And the audience equally enjoys the effort the brands are putting in. 

With dedicated Twitter handles and Reddit blogs; pun-ny, humourous and relatable push notifications have made their way into the audience’s smartphones. With a swift look through the Twitter-verse, some digging in the Reddit columns, and some personal collection of these notifications, here we present some of the best notifications we could find. 

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