Here’s all you need to know about SSFF, the recent moment marketing trend 


The wait is finally over. The curtain around SSFF, which saw a lot of curiosity from brands and users for days, has been lifted. Here’s what it means.

For the past week, the socio-verse has been breaking its brains to decode the ongoing trend of SSFF. The wait is finally over, #SSFF, which stands for Social Samosa Feature Fest, is an initiative by Social Samosa aimed at appreciating the Advertising & Marketing community. 

On December 01, Social Samosa turns 11, and to mark this event with the community that the platform has built over the years, we bring you Social Samosa Feature Fest. Through #SSFF, Social Samosa intends to celebrate the Advertisers, Marketers, and Creators of the industry.

Social is Samosa is all set to feature every brand, creator, and memer that eagerly looks forward to getting their work featured on our platforms. Social Samosa Feature Fest will be our shout-out to the creative work out there that resonates with the digital community. This content can be in the form of a Meme, Informative Carousel, or Reel. 

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How does #SSFF work? 

  • Brands and Creators can publish their content using #SSFF and send us a collab request. 
  • We will try to feature as many posts on our feed and stories as possible. 
  • Recognize all the features on Social Samosa with a Featured Badge and win some merch around Advertising & Marketing Life. 

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, get your creative hats on and get a chance to be featured on our feed using #SSFF.