Brands celebrate everyday Santas with Christmas creatives

Christmas Creatives

Celebrating the holiday season, brands light up their social media feeds with colourful brand integrations and Christmas creatives.

Tapping into the festive season and emotions, brands created clever Christmas creatives to celebrate the festive season filled with nostalgia and warmth. This year many brands reimagined Santa as an everyday person. 

Dunzo celebrated our everyday heroes and labelled them desi Santa, while Zomato honoured their delivery people. 

Many brands like Durex and Fevikwik took the humorous root and incorporated their brand into the festive season. 

Here’s a look at how brands celebrated Christmas this year in the form of posts and creatives. 

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McDonald’s India

KFC India

Netflix India


Kotak Mahindra Bank

Google India

Durex India

Manforce Condoms


Oral B


Dabur Amla



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