8 lessons on how to generate ROI in content marketing

ROI in content marketing

Content marketing has long been associated with brand awareness and engagement. However, Pocket Aces’ Shreya Agarwal explains how content can also generate ROI.

Shreya Agarwal, Head of FilterCopy, Pocket Aces, dispenses a measurable approach for content marketing that can lead to conversions, and ROI, two of the significant performance metrics that content was traditionally not held against. She explains the formulation strategy that is efficient enough on the distribution stage to not fall flat.

Shreya Agarwal spoke at Social Samosa’s Best Social Media Brands Awards #SAMMIE2022.

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  1. Believe in data-driven creativity, and constantly look at data, it helps in getting content ideas through comments, understanding the like & dislike ratio, and investing in content pieces that would work
  2. You can predict what content would perform well if you have already tested communities in place
  3. The key is marrying the right content with the right brand
  4. You don’t have to put it as a sales pitch, you can go with deeper integration
  5. Create content that the audience won’t skip through and scroll away from
  6. Content cannot provide ROI is a misconception
  7. Pre-dominantly offline brands can also benefit from content, recall, and intention to purchase can be measured
  8. Content can be used to drive tactical objectives