Instagram adds new updates for professional accounts

Instagram new updates

The updates will help professional accounts understand their eligibility to reach more non-followers on the social media platform.

Instagram has added new updates in the account status to help people with professional accounts understand if their account’s content is eligible to be recommended to non-followers, and what they can do if it’s not. Instagram recommends up-and-coming creators on the platform to reach new fans and grow an audience. 

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With this update, professional account users will be able to see the following: 


Instagram makes recommendations to people who use the platform. Both Facebook and Instagram may recommend content from new communities. With this update, users can see if their content may be eligible to be recommended to non-followers in places like Explore, Reels and Feed Recommendations. 

Understand issues

If an account’s content is not eligible to be recommended, they can see a sample of content or components of their profile that may go against Instagram’s Recommendations Guidelines and any content that has been removed for violating the Community Guidelines.

Fix problems 

Users will be able to edit or delete posts that may go against the app’s guidelines. The account users can also request for the review team to take another look at the content if they believe there’s been a mistake. They will also be allowed to disagree with the decision so there can be improvements.

The platform is also spending time to improve account status to cover more areas like search and suggested accounts.